The Ruta del Vino de la Sierra de Francia (Sierra de Francia Wine Route) is located in Castilla y León, in the southwest of Salamanca, and is supported by the DOP Sierra de Salamanca. Its vineyards located on terraces, that are one of the most ancient in Spain, and the many cave wine presses that can be found throughout the territory, testify its millenary wine culture. A treasure to be discovered is its native grape variety “Rufete”.

The Sierra de Francia Wine Route offers much more than wine. Discover its natural richness located in the heart of the Sierra de Béjar- Sierra de Francia Biosphere Reserve and in the Batuecas Natural Park, Its architectural heritage, formed by the combination of culture, tradition and history and its harmonious mix of traditional and avant-garde gastronomy. Of course, we must not forget its people, who are their best ambassadors.





Rufete our grape variety

The Sierra de Salamanca DOP is located in the southwest of Salamanca with an area of 482.10 Km2 and its autochthonous grape variety known us “Rufete”.

A Humid Mediterranean climate with abundant rainfall benefits the cultivation of a wide variety of grapes such as Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinta, Viura or Palomino. However the most predominant is the Rufete an autochthonous grape of complex elaboration that provide a nose of red fruits, with mild sweet tannins that give great elegance, freshness and complexity to the wines.

This cultivation developed on terraces is an example of the space gained in a sustainable way by the winegrowers from the mountains, forming a spectacular landscape in the territory. Another characteristic of the vineyards is the variety of soils where they are produced, granite, slate and cornean soils and the the longevity of the vines stocks. 80% of them are more than 50 years old and 50% are more than 80 years old. As well as the strong differences in altitude where you can find the vineyards from 400 m to almost 1000 m, giving a wide range of characterization in the wines. The D.O.P. Sierra de Salamanca is integrated of small wineries taking maxium care in the cultivation of their vineyards, producing wines of great quality.


Not Only Wine

The Ruta del Vino de la Sierra de Francia is an attractive tourist resource made up of 22 municipalities, 7 wineries, 10 restaurants, 2 wine bars, 5 shops, 2 wine cellars, 20 accommodations, 3 tourist offices and multiple sustainable leisure activities, like “olive oil tourism”.

You can stroll among the vineyards, discover our wineries, enjoy tastings of our wines combined with products of our great gastronomic. Discover our diverse landscape, enjoy the artistic and cultural heritage of our small municipalities, and celebrate and enjoy their traditional festivals. A unique journey into the past where tradition, culture and attachment to the land are easily seen. These wine tourism experiences are possible if you visit the Sierra de Francia Wine Route. You can also enjoy the wonderfoul natural environment where it is located: the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra de Béjar and Francia and the Batuecas Nature Reserve. There you can enjoy of family tourism with multiple hiking routes, such as “Los Caminos del Arte en la Naturaleza”, “Los Senderos del Alagón” and “La Ruta de las Catedrales Vivas”.


Sustainability of the human with the heritage and nature

The Sierra de Francia is a place where an important artistic, historical, natural and ethnographic heritage is preserved, a valuable legacy that differe nt cultures have left in the territory. Play a prominant role six local villages declared historic-artistic sites: Miranda del Castañar, Mogarraz, Montemayor del Rio, San Martín del Castañar, Sequeros and Villanueva del Conde. Although in its 22 municipalities there is a formidable concentration of heritage visible in a unique popular architecture that shows the structures of the houses with facades of stone and wooden. The heritage is mixed with the colourful folklore of festivals and celebrations that keep alive the respect for their traditions.

Traditionally, the most important crop in the Sierra de Francia has been, and continues to be, the vineyard. The search for the best conditions for cultivate vineyards have led farmers to cultivate on terraces taking advantage on the slopes of the mountains. These practices have been shaping the natural landscape that we know today.


Traditions part of us

Local festivities represent the greatest expression of the culture and tradition. There the great folklore of dances together with the typical costumes and dresses full of “Bordados Serranos” are mixed with songs, local poetry and the music of castanets and drums.

In all Local Festivities wine is present, with routes between traditional wineries, accompanying meals. Althought There are three fundamental moments in Ruta del Vino Sierra de Francia where it becomes the ambassador of the territory, such as “La Fiesta de la Vendimia”, “La Cata de Primavera” and “La Cata de Vinos Artesanales”.


Traditional cuisine and signature cuisine respecting the product

The influences of different cultures over the centuries, as Jewish, Muslim and Christian, combined with the best local products, have created a surprising gastronomic offer, in which you can find dishes from the most traditional to the most avant-garde cuisine, with the latest culinary trends.

The typical products “Serranos” are prepared respecting traditional recipes and opting for the highest quality, like the Iberian products,: Cured ham, pork loin, chorizo, etc. Extra virgin olive oil, with local varieties obtained from centenary olive trees, such as Ocal. The bakery products, such as hornazo or sweets (perronillas, sacatrapos, mantecados, etc.). As well as much more variety of food that can be enjoyed visiting the territory.

Particularly unique are the typical dishes of this area, such as patatas meneadas (made with boiled and mashed potatoes seasoned with a garlic and paprika sauce accompanied by fried bacon), limón serrano (sweet and sour salad made with lemon, orange, boiled eggs, chorizo sausage and pickled fish) or cabrito guisado (stewed kid), among others.

A varied gastronomic offer that focuses on local products and adapts traditional recipes to satisfy the most demanding palates.


Sustainable Wine Tourism

On the Sierra de Francia Wine Route you can enjoy a wide range of Sustainable Wine Tourism Experiences, whether you come as a couple, with your family or with friends, you can enjoy wine tastings and samplings of typical products, mountain bike routes, experiential workshops, and all types of nature activities, family and VIP activities, as well as wine tourism packages of two nights and three days.

All of them have one thing in common: Enjoy the Nature that encompasses the Wine Route, walking and discovering hiking routes where the flora and fauna live in harmony with the surrounding environment. Make a stop along the way to visit to a vineyard with wine tasting a picnic with local products, an oenological gymkhana, pairing menu with wines from the D. O. P. Sierra Salamanca… all of this while staying in magnificent accommodation with dreamy landscapes.


To the Southeast of the province of Salamanca

The Sierra de Francia Wine Route is located in the southwest of Salamanca. It is one of the regions with the deepest historical, natural, traditional, geographical and cultural roots in the region. It is made up of 22 municipalities: Cepeda, Cristóbal, El Cerro, Garcibuey, Herguijuela de la Sierra, Lagunilla, Los Santos, Madroñal, Miranda del Castañar, Mogarraz, Monforte de la Sierra, Montemayor del Rio, San Esteban de la Sierra, San Martín del Castañar, San Miguel de Valero, Santibáñez de la Sierra, Sequeros, Sotoserrano, Valdefuentes de Sangusín, Valdelagueves, Valero and Villanueva del Conde.

Given its excellent communications, the Sierra de Francia Wine Route makes it an attractive destination for all types of tourism, with distances of 60 km to Salamanca, a World Heritage city, 85 km to Portugal, 130 km to Cáceres, 200 km to Valladolid and 250 km to Madrid.


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