The Manchuela is a small terroir anchored in the lands of Castilla La Mancha, but it is in a league of its own compared to its surroundings. Cuenca and Albacete cover this region that has been marked by nature with the purpose of offering high quality crops with unique flavours, for this reason today it has numerous products with Denominations of Origin, among them the wine. La Manchuela Wine Route was born with the intention of showing the world the benefits of this noble town.

The waters of the Júcar and Cabriel rivers converge and give respite to the growth and development of La Manchuela; a noble and fruitful region, which for decades has left its mark on the world of winemaking in Spain and now is rgaining more and more recognition. The new proposal is to give life and development to La Manchuela Wine Route whose environment is essential to the riches of the regions of Cuenca and Albacete, in Castilla La Mancha.

With the intention of giving shelter to those who are eager to learn about the benefits of wine, La Manchuela Wine Route, of great tourist and wine interest, goes into the countryside to project traditions, cultures, as well as the value of the people. People that refuse to overlook tenacity and quality of in winemaking work as a premise. This route stands as one of the most promising bids for tourists, but also for specialists in the world of wines.





Manchuela Designation of Origin

Framed between the valleys of the emblematic rivers Júcar and Cabriel, the perfect characteristics for the vineyard come together in this land. History suggests viticultural evidence in the area for more than 2,400 years, having passed on the know-how from generation to generation until today. All this has given rise to a precious wine culture. A particular climate gives the grape an extraordinary evolution. Sun, lack of humidity and a singular continental and Mediterranean fusion, with the east wind, favour the ecological character of the wine. All the charm and knowhow of centuries-old tradition is combined perfectly with advanced techniques of development which after rigorous quality control, offers unique wine. As for the varieties, the Bobal stands out as the emblematic native grape.

Wine quality is a special topic that many people are passionate about, experts in oenology or not. La Manchuela Wine Route has stood out in recent years for the quality of its wine. Today you can enjoy a Denomination of Origin wine that endorses the quality and care that is put into the vitivinicultural crops found along this route.

Today La Manchuela Wine Route stands as an excellent option to get to know the rich flavours and aromas of the wine of this land that remains anchored in a privileged point of the Iberian Peninsula. Seeing the surroundings will help you to understand the authenticity of the wine. Spain is the cradle of high quality wines and the winemakers of this noble region continue to raise industry standards with their daily work.


Nature and Active Tourism in la Manchuela

The Manchuela Wine Route has prepared for tourists a series of activities that seek to link the natural features of the region with the activity of wine. For this they have a series of wine and food proposals, which will be reinforced, through events, specific activities, promotional packages, cultural training and other elements that highlight the importance of wine and nature for Manchuela.

The Júcar and Cabriel rivers and all the natural areas of the Manchuela Wine Route become perfect accomplices to enjoy days of relaxation, learning and tasting of the most exquisite wines produced in this region. Including the Manchuela Wine Route as a tourist option comes in handy, if what you want is to disconnect from the big cities and get in tune with nature. La Manchuela is drawn as an excellent plan to enjoy, meet, learn and taste, the best wines in the region. The options of accommodation, wineries and other leisure proposals are the order of the day for anyone who chooses to go to know this special route full of history, color, entertainment, and above all, high quality wines.


The Manchuela in the heart of Castilla la Mancha

The Manchuela Wine Route exhibits the riches of this region of the Iberian Peninsula, whose features go far beyond the Castilian-Romanian borders. If authenticity, architecture, enogastronomy, culture and heritage correspond, Manchuela has much to give.

La Manchuela is unique from every point of view; starting with geographical or natural features and ending with cultural and human. This region that is born between the provinces of Albacete and Cuenca, in the heart of Castilla La Mancha, has been shaped by a multiculturalism that makes it as La Mancha as Mediterranean. The Manchuela Wine Route has as one of its main objectives to promote the values ​​of this unique town in Spain.

One of the objectives of the Manchuela Wine Route is to highlight the viticultural attributes, but also the historical and cultural. If the children of these lands can exhibit anything, they are traditions that denote work, effort, dedication and field discipline as the main focus. The children of La Manchuela have been identified thanks to their commitment and entrepreneurship admired by neighboring towns and that have achieved that products, such as wine, have reached their designation of origin for their taste and quality.

If something has a historical and tourist importance is the system of castles, palaces and defensive architecture. Similarly, religious architecture has a very important collection that is highlighted by the Manchuela Wine Route. Not to mention, the archaeological remains that are preserved and that tell us about all the civilizations that have passed through this rich land. Reflection of this the Archaeological Museum of Iniesta.


Gastronomy with a tribute to nature

The work of the field highlights the flavors and stars the gastronomic proposals of the Manchuela Wine Route. In this special wine tourism offer, guests can taste dishes in exquisite pairings with wines from the region that have Denomination of Origin. The benefits of nature and its products are exploited by experts in food and wine.

The attributes of the field are highlighted in the Manchuela Wine Route not only because of the wine nature, but also because of the wonders that its natural products allow chefs to prepare. The field is one of the main elements that denotes the uniqueness of flavors that are exploited with a natural, organic cuisine and always designed to pay tribute to nature as a source of inspiration.

Since its inception, the Manchuela Wine Route has been proposed to consolidate the enogastronomy as an option to stand out among tourists. The flavors of the native dishes and those of the wines with Denomination of Origin., Are combined and consolidated to take center stage and be ideal before the palate of the tourists. Wine tourism, as the wine tourism activity is called, finds in Manchuela one of the most competitive options in recent years.


Located between Albacete and Cuenca

The Manchuela Wine Route extends through the wine zone of the D.O. Manchuela, on horseback between the peninsular center and the Spanish east. Between Albacete and Cuenca, just two hours away from Madrid and an hour and a quarter from Valencia.

By road: The main access road is the motorway that connects Madrid with Valencia, the A-3. From Cuenca it can be reached by the CM-220 county and from Albacete it can be done from the N-322 (Albacete-Requena). The connection with Alicante and Murcia would be made from the A-31 motorway.

By rail: The closest train stations are those of Cuenca and Albacete, the provincial capitals, which have a great service when they are between Madrid and the east.


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