One hill which determines the climate of the land. With two products par excellence: wine and oil. Three cultures: Arab, Christian and Jewish. Four grapes: Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and of course, Grenache. Five senses, your five senses, which you’ll need to discover the Grenache Route.





The Grenache empire goes back in time for almost eight centuries

The oldest vineyards of the D.O. date from 1145, and of its 5,000 hectares of Grenache over 2,000 have been planted for between 30 and 50 years. Production is low but highly valued by wine experts for the structural and aromatic complexity that it confers on its wines. In the low-lying zone are Grenaches grown using the goblet method and on trellises. The resulting wines are warm, powerful and very aromatic. The middle zone is characterised by a higher concentration and density of vineyards. These are set on the terraces of the River Huecha, and produce highly complex, intense, structured and fleshy wines. The high zone of the D.O. lies on the foothills of Moncayo, with its fine, subtle and elegant wines.


The Garnacha Route, a land of legends

The Garnacha Route involves 40 partner establishments and 18 partner organisations. It has wineries, restaurants, wine bars, rural tourism houses, hotels, museums, interpretation centres and specialist or unusual shops selling food and crafts, putting on events, etc. Then there are local ventures, a lively cultural scene that offers an alternative to enjoyment of the natural environment.

This is a land of legends where writers, poets and musicians have done their best to give this route its unique character.


Between vineyards and monasteries

At the feet of the Moncayo mountains lies a plain replete with vines and olive and almond trees and a spectacular Cistercian monastery: the Monastery of Veruela, where you will find the Museum of Wine of the Campo de Borja D.O.

Dances or paloteaos, important celebrations

Stick dances or “paloteaos” are a display of folklore with deep roots in the region, at traditional festive events with music, dance and theatre. You can also enjoy other traditions like the ceremony of weighing children in Albeta, the “subidas del Mayo” and religious processions, common in most towns in the area, etc. Easter Week is another special occasion, particularly in Borja, where it is now considered a Festival of Regional Tourism Interest.


Tradition and wine

The Garnacha Route tastes of tradition and wine: Tempranillo, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and of course, Grenache. This grape is responsible for fruity, balanced wines, a perfect accompaniment to local lamb, sweet peppers and asparagus from the river beds of the Lodosa Canal, and Moncayo roast kid, dishes of “migas” (fried breadcrumbs) with chorizo sausage and grapes, freshly baked bread sprinkled with Empeltre or Arbequina olive oil or spread with olive caviar from the Sierra del Moncayo mountains, or sheep’s cheese from Bureta with honey from Fuendejalón.


Moncayo mountains and the paths of Garnacha

The paths of Garnacha offer a fine range of lookout points you can reach by car or on foot. You can also enjoy small signed routes for all the family: mtb, horse riding, mountaineering, climbing, snow rackets, paragliding, kitesurfing, windsurfing etc.

To relax and recover your strength there is comfortable rural accommodation, restaurants serving traditional food with a modern touch, and family wineries where you can taste the best wines of the region.


The Garnacha Route, at the foot of the Moncayo mountains, from the Valley of the Huecha to the Ebre

The Garnacha Route runs through the Campo de Borja D.O. winegrowing area, at the foot of the Moncayo mountains, descending the Valley of the Huecha to the Ebre. In the north-west of the province of Zaragoza, 60 km from the capital, reached by the N-122 to Soria or the AP-68, from Zaragoza to Navarra, the Basque Country and La Rioja.

The High Speed Trains that arrive in Zaragoza or the airport of the capital of Aragon mean that the Route of La Grenache is easy to reach wherever you are.


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