The Navarra Wine Route is only for people with a passion for living. Beyond visits to wineries or a wine aroma room, outside in the vineyard itself you can go on yoga or tai-chi workshops, horseback rides or mini-treks. Of course if you like working, no-one will stop you, and you can work in the vineyard: your reward will be a lunch in the country or in one of the Route’s restaurants, a “matching” lunch that harmonises the famous raw materials of the land with Navarra D.O. wines.





A wine with twenty centuries of history.

Just as wine is transformed and develops subtle and complex aromas over the years, the land that grows it has also evolved, but at no time turning its back on tradition.

The present state of Navarra wine is the result of a long evolution lasting almost twenty centuries. Today, Navarra D.O. has opted to modernise, and has become consolidated as an area of quality wines, bottling some remarkable reds, rosés, whites and muscatelsGrenache is its most common variety, present with special intensity in the rosés and the youngest reds.


A fine range of resources and activities in wine-growing enclaves

The Pathway of Saint James is one of this route’s main attractions, and another is the Network of Tourism Cultural Activities of the Zona Media region, the many itineraries for mtb and on foot, bird watching, and the area’s immense historical heritage.


Important cultural monuments at the crossing of the way

The uniqueness and rich heritage of this area form part of the welcome its people extend to visitors to this crossing of the ways in the famous pilgrimage to Santiago. The Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James), European cultural itinerary par excellence, is one great route that crosses the territory. Here two ways come together, one from Jaca and the other from Roncesvalles. One of the major monuments on the Way in Navarre is the Church of Saint Mary of Eunate, unique for its octagonal floor plan and whose history is cloaked in mysterious enigmas related to the Templars.

On any walk through this fortunate area you will come across impressive cultural monuments like the Olite Royal Palace, the fortress of Artajona, the fortresschurch of Ujué, the raised granary at Iracheta, the Cistercian monastery of Oliva, the Romanesque hermitage of the Holy Christ of Catalain, the semi-desert Bardenas Reales of Navarre, and the Romanesque bridge at Puente la Reina-Gares.


A calendar full of festivals, thanks to the Zona Media Network of Cultural Tourism Activities

The Harvest Festival and the Zona Media Network of Cultural Tourism Activities offer a full schedule of attractive events all year round and throughout the area. They all keep alive elements that form part of a long cultural legacy: cuisine, wine culture, folklore, history, tradition, legends, etc.


A land with quality produce

Along the Navarra Wine Route you can try out the quality of the region’s products –sweet peppersasparagustomatoesartichokesvegetablesbreadcrumbstruffle etc. in restaurants that are partners in the Route or at festivals like the October Fair in Tafalla or the Migas (fried breadcrumbs) Festival in Ujué. The succulent local dishes are made with a blend of the wisdom and experience passed down from generation to generation and the innovation of nouvelle cuisine.


Lots of ideas, from landscapes to vineyards

The Navarra Wine Route complements its wine-related activities with others involving exploring the countryside and the cycles of the vines from the vineyard itself.

The interpreted lookout points and vineyard walks try to make learning how vines are cultivated simple and entertaining for the general public. There are helpful signs and printed and audiovisual material is available about the area and places and things of special historic, cultural or natural interest related to wine and its fascinating culture.


Located in the centre of the Autonomous Region of Navarre, to the south of Pamplona

Located in the centre of the Autonomous Region of Navarre, to the south of Pamplona, The Navarra Wine Route is easy to get to by road, motorway and dual carriageway (A-15 to Pamplona and San Sebastián, AP-68 to Logroño and Zaragoza, A-12 to Logroño). If travelling by rail, both Olite and Tafalla have railway stations. And Pamplona-Noáin airport is less than 30 km awa


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Adress: Olite, 31390, Navarra